In Case of Emergency…

Uregent Prayer Need

Just received this email from the clerk of the Central South Presbytery…
Chris is a close friend of mine…please keep him and his family in your prayers. May God’s Sovereign Will prevail

Dear Friends:

It is with great sadness that I write to you the same day in which an earlier email appeared so encouraging.

To avoid further confusion, let me offer to you what Melinda, Chris’ wife, has just now reported.

The “optimistic” email of this morning was based on erroneous remarks to Melinda by an attending nurse.
The oncologist’s “preliminary findings,” based on bone marrow biopsy, are that Chris has leukemia, possibly lymphoma
Symptoms do resemble Gullian-Barre’ Syndrome but cancer/leukemia toxcins account for the same symptoms
Final and more detailed findings/conclusions will be forthcoming
The news for the Curtis’ family is most disappointing.
I hesitated writing until I received a more definitive report from Melinda. But suffice it to say that your prayers are needed even more as we offer pastoral care over great distances. May the Lord be ever present with the Curtis family and in your prayers for them. As soon as I receive Melinda’s definitive report from the doctors, I’ll email you the same.

Yours very truly in Christ,


lease remember Rev. Chris Curtis of Faith EPC Covington LA. He was admitted to the intensive care unit of a Denver Colorado hospital last Friday. During the General Assembly, Chris lost motor control, became unable to rise from sitting and could not walk unaided. His wife, Melinda, and two daughters await the findings from the hospital’s administered tests. Chris and Melinda Curtis are most needful of your prayers. The tentative diagnosis is a condition known as Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome.

As of this Sunday, there is the added complication of falling white blood count. This situation is obviously in the wrong direction and is creating greater concern for Chris’ prognosis. Treatment for Guillain-Barre’ Syndrome continues. Chris remains wakeful, alert and well aware of developments.

I will make arrangements for Chris and Melinda to have benefit of pastoral care from our brothers and sisters in the Presbytery of the West. Also, I will keep you updated on any new developments.

Yours in Christ always,

Dennis C. Flach, Stated Clerk
Central South Presbytery

Desiring God $5 Sale

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Kirk Cameron to the SBC

Can I speak to you from my heart for a moment? I realize that, theologically, I’m not worthy to wash your socks. But imagine this scenario with me, if you will: Imagine I’m a “seeker”- I’m a non-Christian, sitting in your church week after week after week listening to you. Am I ever going to hear the message that will save my soul from Hell? Will you ever tell me the truth clearly enough so that I realize that my sin has made me an enemy of God: that I am currently on the path that leads to destruction, with the wrath of God dwelling upon me, and that unless I repent and put my faith in the Savior, I will perish? Or have you decided that it’s better to simply entertain me, and on Sundays I can come to have my “felt needs” met with good music and good advice? Pastor, while I would appreciate that, it’s the ultimate betrayal of my trust in you if you don’t tell me the truth. Will I ever hear the words “repent,” “surrender,” “turn to the Savior,” “be born again”? If you don’t tell me those things, how will I ever know to do it?Please don’t leave it up to the Wednesday night small-group leader. They’re taking their cues from you. You’re leading the flock.
   And now I speak to you as a Christian. If you and I fail to teach the whole counsel of God, and we don’t warn sinners to flee from the wrath to come, and run to the love of Christ on the Cross to save their soul, we make a terrible mistake. It doesn’t matter how happy a person is- how much a sinner is enjoying the pleasures of sin for a season- without the righteousness of Christ, he’ll perish on the Day of Judgment. The Bible says, “Riches profit not on the Day of Wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.” You see, that’s how Kirk Cameron realized he needed a Savior. I had riches, but I knew that it was the righteousness of God that I needed in order to be saved from my sin.

(HT: Alpha & Omega Ministry)

Overdressed on Presale

John Piper on Prosperity Gospel

Discerning Reader

I wanted to post a little blurp about this great site Discerning Reader, but I think I will let them talk for themselves

120,000 new books are published each year. Ten thousand every month.
1.5 billion books per year are consumed within America alone and yet
even this totals only 35% of the books that are sold worldwide. How can
anyone hope to navigate the seemingly infinite number of books

This is where we come in. Discerning Reader is dedicated to helping you find, read and enjoy good books.

This has been a very resourceful site on the books you find in your local Christian store. I only wished they would do this for music as well.