Christian and offensive language

There is a great article on how Christians should look at cussing and language in todays era. You can check it out HERE.

In January this year, John Piper got called out for saying that God “kicks our ass”. He explained later that “backside” would have sufficed, and there was much conversation [see links on Justin Taylor’s blog and Wayne Grudem’s response]. But, honestly, no explanation was needed. I think saying “ASS” should not ASSault anyone and is not ASinine in the slightest. But that depends who is ASking. The word is no longer offensive except to a tiny minority of people . . who are probably ASleep in ASpen. The word might even be an ASSet to poets who need to AScribe strong* words to ASSociates.

You guys have any thoughts?

2 Responses to “Christian and offensive language”

  1. christopher stimpson Says:

    the link to the article doesn’t seem to be working

  2. jvmoore1 Says:

    Thanks for giving me the heads up!! Link should be fixed.

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