Letters to the Editor Vol 1

So I mentioned earlier I was listening to Andrew Osenga’s new CD. This cd is great. Only prob is that it is so short. Only 6 songs, but thankfully this is Vol 1, so there should be more on the way. All of the songs came from people sending in suggestions, pictures, art, and lyrical lines. You can go to Andrews website and leave you own suggestions for future volumes.

This EP is like “Souvenirs and Postcards” just Andrew and his guitar. Well, I say just him and his guitar…One track has some webground vocals. Which has yours truly as part of the vocals. Yeap I am a background singer for a 9 toe rock star.

You can pick up the cd for free HERE, but consider giving a donation to help creat more cd’s like “Letters to the Editor”.

Song List:

  1. Wanted
  2. the ball game
  3. you leave no shadow
  4. Anna and the aliens
  5. the blessing curse
  6. swing wide the glimmering gates

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