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Driscoll on Church Planting

From the Resurgence site:

Last year I spoke at a large church planting event along with a number of other church planters and church planting movement leaders. The event was held in Florida, went well, and did a very encouraging job of bringing together a number of denominations, networks, and organizations that otherwise would not have benefited from such a partnership.

This year I was invited back but declined because the few-day round trip from Seattle to Florida to give a very short message (last year it was less than twenty minutes) seemed like too much in light of other responsibilities. So, the sponsors of the event asked me to instead put together an eight-minute video on church planting that could be shown at the event and then handed out to each of the 1,500 attendees. So, in an effort to be helpful, the video crew from Mars Hill Church and I spent half a day in freezing weather at a military cemetery shooting scenes that were then edited for the video. Apparently the video was shown at the event, was well received by the attendees, and then criticized by Bill Hybels from the stage because it did not speak of women church planters. And, not wanting a bigger fuss, the organization hosting the event then made a decision not to hand out the video as they had promised, leaving the guys from our Acts 29 Church Planting Network who had hauled suitcases of the videos to Florida with thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted effort. The leaders of the event are good guys whom I still consider friends, and I’ve never met Bill Hybels so I won’t speak about him personally. But, I thought we should at least post the banned video online, so here it is:

LIl Taste for ya….

“Trouble” from the new Caedmon’s CD

Overdressed August 28

From AO site

We officially have a title and release date for the new Caedmon’s Call record.

Overdressed will be out August 28, 2007.

Oh yeah.

Save up and prepare yourself…I have great feeling about this cd!!!

Joost beta Invites

I am asking out to the blog world if there is anyone who has a Joost invite. Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Until then if anyone else would be interested check out Brilliantdays. they had some invites as of the other day.


Update: I have received a Joost invite!!! Gotta love the blog-o-sphere!! I’ve only watched about 3 min of “Stella” on the Comedy Central Channel, but so far I have been impressed! As soon as I get some invites I will let you guys know…

update: I now have unlimited invites if anyone is interested….just leave me your email address (to avoid spam just write it out…i.e jeremy at gmail dot org)

Two brands of Calvin Haters

centuri0n has a great post about those who are against calvinism. You can read it HERE, but I had to post one of the brands here.
This is a major sore point for me. People who rant and rave about calvinism without even really knowing anything about the points
(other than God choosing to send people to hell)..

[1] Hunt’s Tomato Paste: “I hate Calvinism, but I can’t accurately describe the Doctrines which constitute such a thing.” Listen: read a book or something — and I mean read the whole book, don;t skim it in hopes that you have picked out the useful bits by mistake. The Five Points of Calvinism, 2nd Ed., By D.N. Steele, C.C. Thomas & S.L. Quinn, would be a great and brief place for you to start.

I’m a heretic!!! (Along with Spurgeon,Edwards, and Owens)

“We believe in the substitutionary atonement of Christ for all men. We believe that Jesus Christ was the perfect GodMan, who died
upon the cross of calvary, to take my sins, your sins, the sins of all humanity upon himself, and that anyone who trusts him, who believes
in His death, burial and resurrection is born again. We don’t believe that Jesus Christ died for a select few, sometimes called “the elect.”
We believe that whosoever will may come, and that no one is left out. We are not in the…into particular love or limited atonement.
As a matter of fact, we consider it heresy. And so we are believing that all men everywhere, in every age, can be saved, if they come
to the living Christ who died for them.”

-Jerry Fallwell on Liberty Universitie’s stance on atonement.

(HT:Founders Blog)