Joost beta Invites

I am asking out to the blog world if there is anyone who has a Joost invite. Please leave me a comment and let me know.

Until then if anyone else would be interested check out Brilliantdays. they had some invites as of the other day.


Update: I have received a Joost invite!!! Gotta love the blog-o-sphere!! I’ve only watched about 3 min of “Stella” on the Comedy Central Channel, but so far I have been impressed! As soon as I get some invites I will let you guys know…

update: I now have unlimited invites if anyone is interested….just leave me your email address (to avoid spam just write it out…i.e jeremy at gmail dot org)

2 Responses to “Joost beta Invites”

  1. dh_pmx Says:

    Check out
    this guy has a few invites available.

  2. Don Says:

    Hi, if you get an invit for me. I would love to try it out. Thanks you.

    dr.donnuts [a] gmail [.] com

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