Just wanted to give a shout out to my buuuuuudy Chris!!! He is 35 today!!! Enjoy the day my friend!!

Hymn of the Week 12-26-05

This weeks Hymn comes from Gadsby’s Hymnal. You can hear a modern version of this great HERE

Christ or Else I Die

Gracious Lord, incline thy ear;
My requests vouchsafe to hear;
Hear my never-ceasing cry;
Give me Christ, or else I die.
Wealth and honor I disdain,
Earthly comforts, Lord are vain;
These can never satisfy:
Give me Christ, or else I die.

All unholy and unclean,
I am nothing else but sin;
On thy mercy I rely;
Give me Christ, or else I die.

Thou dost freely save the lost;
In thy grace alone I trust.
With my earnest suit comply;
Give me Christ, or else I die.
Thou dost promise to forgive
All who in thy Son believe;
Lord, I know thou canst not lie;
Give me Christ, or else I die.

Mammas Got a Brand New House

How sad is it that a church has to bribe its congregation to get people to attend church?

Abundant Life Christian Center is giving away a house this new years eve to one lucky attender.

You can read the story HERE

Awesome God

I have to admit that when I signed up to review this cd, that I really thought I would just kinda skim through every song, just playing about 15-30 sec snippets and just write the review. After all this is a kids CD!!

But, I was very wrong..this is so much more than a children’s project. I ended up not only listening to every song all the way through, but actually listened through two times straight and playing it now as I type.

There is nothing childish with this cd (other than the kids choir and solos). The music is amazing and the lyrics are probably doctrinally stronger than a lot of Praise and Worship songs that on the charts.

No one is good
No one is holy before God
I need someone to cleanse me
No one is pure
No one is righteous in Your sight
I need someone to save me
But I’m so glad You died and rose again
For helpless sinners like me

CHORUS What a mighty, mighty Savior You are
What a mighty, mighty Savior You are
You can wash away my sin
You can change my heart within
What a mighty, mighty Savior You are

As i mentioned earlier their are some children solos and a children’s choir, but there is a good balance of “adult” voices and children. This makes it a great cd no matter what age group. I even found myself singing along to the CD in a couple of parts. Music isn’t very childish either…very rocking in parts even….good balance and very talented group of musicians.

This really enhanced my desire to get some more Sovereign Grace cd’s. I have become a big fan of CJ Mahaney and Bob Kauflin and the ministry of Sovereign Grace.

You can go HERE to hear song snippets and get more info on ordering and the CD project.

Merry Christmas!!


Great song from Andrew Peterson’s Christmas CD “Behold the Lamb of God”

Labor of Love

It was not a silent night
There was blood on the ground
You could hear a woman cry
In the alleyways that night
On the streets of David’s town

And the stable was not clean
And the cobblestones were cold
And little Mary full of grace
With the tears upon her face
Had no mother’s hand to hold

It was a labor of pain
It was a cold sky above
But for the girl on the ground in the dark
With every beat of her beautiful heart
It was a labor of love

Noble Joseph at her side
Callused hands and weary eyes
There were no midwives to be found
In the streets of David’s town
In the middle of the night

So he held her and he prayed
Shafts of moonlight on his face
But the baby in her womb
He was the maker of the moon
He was the Author of the faith
That could make the mountains move

It was a labor of pain
It was a cold sky above
But for the girl on the ground in the dark
With every beat of her beautiful heart
It was a labor of love
For little Mary full of grace
With the tears upon her face
It was a labor of love

Hymn of the Week

I Boast No More

1. No more, my God, I boast no more
Of all the duties I have done;
I quit the hopes I held before,
To trust the merits of Thy Son

Chorus: No more my God,
No more my God,
No more my God,
I boast no more.

2. Now, for the loss I bear His name,
What was my gain I count my loss;
My former pride I call my shame,
And nail my glory to His cross.
(Repeat chorus)

Bridge: Yes, and I must and will esteem
All things but loss for Jesus’ sake;
O may my soul be found in Him,
And of His righteousness partake!

3. The best obedience of my hands
Dares not appear before Thy throne;
But faith can answer Thy demands,
By pleading what my Lord has done.

Church Health Award

I know this is old, but I could not believe this when I saw it with my own eyes.

If you go Here you will see that Rick Warren’s crew is giving out awards for churches that mimmic PDL the best. Here you can see a list of characteristics

1. They have a purpose statement.
2. They use a purpose driven strategy
3. They organize around a purpose driven structure.
4. They program by purpose.
5. They staff by purpose.
6. The pastor preaches by purpose.
7. They form small groups on purpose.
8. They calendar by purpose.
9. They budget by purpose.
10. They build by purpose.
11. They evaluate by purpose.

So what does Mr. Warren have to say about this?

“These churches understand the importance of maintaining a balance between the five biblical purposes of worship, fellowship, discipleship, ministry, and missions, and they embrace Purpose Driven characteristics not only to grow in numbers but also, more importantly, to grow in health,”

I really do not see anywhere in my Bible (or the bazillion other translations found in PDL) where we are called or commanded to give awards for being “the perfect church”. We are called to preach the Word! Our Award is NOT in some trophy or $20.00 gift certificate to CHick-fil-a, our award awaits in Heaven and then we will lay that award back down.

Success for a church is not measured in attendance or how close we are to becoming the PDL poster child. The effect of this award is that instead of pastors studying their Bible and caring for their congregation, they will be more concerend about downloading the right PDL message and having teh right PDL image.

They already say for you to not bring your Bible to the PDL study since it causes too much of a distraction (read HERE). So now you have a congregation without Bibles just taking what the pastor says at his word (sounds a little like the catholic church a few hundred years ago eh?).

If the churches involved with PDL spent half their energy following the biblical outline of a church than they do trying to repeat the wordly success of the PDL, we might be in a better place.