Desiring God Conference

To help those of us that could not make it to this years conference (why is it up in Minnesota and not Alabama?), I am going to add Tim Challis Feed to the sidebar since he is liveblogging the event.

This years topic is “The Supremacy of Christ in a Postmodern World.”

John Piper
Mark Driscoll
Timothy Keller
David Wells
D.A Carson
Voddie Baucham

Here is the promo

What Grinds my Gear

1) This sudden craze to use your cellphone as some fake lighter at concerts. It is a slap in the face of those classic rock fans who took time to have a lighter in their pocket for that moving guitar solo. Don’t cheapen it will some mode of communication. It makes you look lazy.

2) Self-Impossed Encores. What is the deal with musicians saying their good byes, running off stage, then running right back out to play another set? You earn an encore! You do not assume the crowd wants an encore, you dont plan on leaving your single (most of the time the only reason they come and endure the other hour of your best work) till the second encore.

Albert Mohler and Paige Patterson on Election

The audio for the Mohler/Patterson “debate” has just been posted.

You can here it HERE

Floppy Case

Instructions HERE

Another post that shows why Anthony Bradley is the man!

Wine or Grape Juice?

Unbiblical reason not to use wine no. 1: the Bible says that Christians should not drink alcohol at all. Myth. Find the verse.

Unbiblical and dumb reason no. 2: people who struggle with alcoholism shouldn’t be tempted. What? The evangelical church is one of the most gluttonous and overeating communities you’ll find in America. If anything, we should worry that the bread will tempt people to go to Old Country Buffet and eat from the various troughs as they stuff themselves after church on Sunday. There are more overeaters in your church than alcoholics. Few pastors have the courage to address overeating however. SIDENOTE: What would happen if the church treated people with drinking problems and over-eating problems the same way? Ok, so the weaker brother argument won’t work here. Next?

Stupid reason no. 3: we’ve always done it like this. Ahh, not really. Using grape juice is new folks. The United Methodist started this during the women’s temperance movement in the 1870s and 1880s. Here’s the real reason: people don’t know the history, they don’t like change, and many claim that doing what Jesus actually said would now dissension. I think we heard about this before in Galatia (law vs. grace).

Calvinism in the SBC

Tom Ascol has an interesting post on a new survey by Lifeway.

You can read it HERE

I am grateful to Lifeway for conducting this research. I hope they will do it again in 5 years, because the return to the historic faith of our Southern Baptist founders is growing. John Broadus referred to “that exalted system of Pauline truth which is technically called Calvinism, which compels an earnest student to profound thinking, and when pursued with a combination of systematic thought and fervent experience, makes him at home among the most inspiring and ennobling views of God and the universe He has made.” This biblical system of truth is being seen by more and Southern Baptists who take the Word of God seriously. By God’s grace, that trend will continue and increase.

Studio 60

Was wanting some feedback on what you all thought about this clip. Is he wrong? Have we gotten so sensitive that everything offends us? Are we so legalistic that there is no room for grace or the idea of falling?