Two brands of Calvin Haters

centuri0n has a great post about those who are against calvinism. You can read it HERE, but I had to post one of the brands here.
This is a major sore point for me. People who rant and rave about calvinism without even really knowing anything about the points
(other than God choosing to send people to hell)..

[1] Hunt’s Tomato Paste: “I hate Calvinism, but I can’t accurately describe the Doctrines which constitute such a thing.” Listen: read a book or something — and I mean read the whole book, don;t skim it in hopes that you have picked out the useful bits by mistake. The Five Points of Calvinism, 2nd Ed., By D.N. Steele, C.C. Thomas & S.L. Quinn, would be a great and brief place for you to start.

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