Channel FlipperI

I love checking out the “Stuff Christians Like” blog, but THIS one was a little too close to home…Good stuff

“The other day I was quickly flipping through the radio when I heard a snippet of a song by Kanye West. It was pretty wild.”

See what I did right there? I did four little sneaky Christian disclaimers:

1. Quickly
I used this word to indicate that I was moving along pretty fast. Hopefully when you hear this word you will mistakenly think I did not stop and listen to the song.

2. Flipping through
Instead of saying, “I hit number 4 on my preset stations so that I could listen to V103 the people’s station,” I made it seem as if I was just skipping through a field of radio stations like a school girl in a field of flowers, la la la. When suddenly, completely by chance, I landed on this song. What a weird thing to accidentally happen.

3. Snippet
Ohh, so tricky. I used to call anything that wasn’t the complete song or show a “snippet.” Did you only watch 27 minutes of the show, “The Hills” on MTV? Then you saw “part” of it, just a snippet or a few clips. God is probably cool with that.

4. It was pretty wild
Lean in close and I’ll tell you a little secret. Sometimes, I used to throw out ideas just to see how you’d react



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