Blog Spotlight- not another blog v 2.0

I know I havent update this section in awhile, but I wanted to add a buddy of mine to the mix (not another blog, v 2.0). He is starting a series on Infant Baptism that looks to be great. The series will deal with how Credobaptist (Baptist) can still hold to their belief and still recognize Infant Baptism as valid.

If you have read any of the blogs on my blogroll you will see this is a conversation that is coming up alot more, and I am glad we are having the conversation.

So check Rae’s website out, see the pics of his beautiful little girl, and read his thought provoking posts.

The first part of the series can be found HERE

One Response to “Blog Spotlight- not another blog v 2.0”

  1. Rae Says:

    Hey Jeremy . . . thanks for the link! Hopefully I won’t disappoint. 😉

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