Donkey Kong Post-It

This is just awesome!!

Some specs for this project:

Total Number of Post-It® Notes

about 6400

Total People

about 10

Total Time

5 hours

Friday Funny

Groves on what men want

Shaun Groves has a great post on what married men want. Great job Shaun!!

You can read it HERE

Guys, in general, aren’t so good at talking.  We really aren’t so good
at examining the deepest parts
of ourselves, drudging up what it is we
really feel and desire and then putting that into cogent sentences
subjects and predicates and modifiers and what not.  And to make
matters worse, the men
communicating for us, the fictional guys your
see on the television and the silver screen, are one-dimensional

troglodytes who want nothing but sex, sex and more sex.

Blog Spotlight -4/7/07

We are spotting one of the funniest and sadest blogs I have read. Christian Cheese shows just how commercialized Christendom has become.
Go check it out and help get this crap out of the stores.

Gadsby Hymnal #93 for Easter

Hark, the voice of love and mercy, 
Sounds aloud from Calvary!
See, it rends the rocks asunder,
Shakes the earth and veils the sky!
“It is finished, It is finished,”
Hear the dying Savior cry.
“It is finished,” O what pleasure,
Do these charming words afford.
Heavenly blessings, without measure,
Flow to us from Christ the Lord. 
“It is finished, it is finished,”
Saints the dying words record.
Finished all the types and shadows,
Of the ceremonial law;
Finished all that God had promised;
Death and hell no more shall awe.
“It is finished, it is finished,”
Saints from hence your comfort draw.
Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs;
Join to sing the pleasing theme;
Saints on earth and all in heaven,
Join to praise Immanuel’s name.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Glory to the bleeding lamb! Hark, the voice of love and mercy, 

Luther on Christ’s Prayer

“There are two kinds of sinners. The first are the evildoers, who do not believe, and the arrogant saints. The second are those who believe in forgiveness through Christ. We are indeed sinners but under the shadow of Christ’s merit and prayer, which he has performed as our High Priest. Consider this word well and do not skip over it, namely, that the prayer spoken over you with tears was prayed by a true High Priest and is heard by God. For this reason no one is excluded from this prayer except those who are unbelievers or arrogant saints. Other preachers make only an example from this prayer as they did with Christ’s suffering.”


Pre-Order “The Ringing Bell”

You can now Pre-Order Derek Webb’s new CD “The Ringing Bell” for $20.00. This includes the cd (due out May 1), a graphic novel for the cd, and the opportunity
to download the full cd.

You can listen order he cd HERE