“Negroes Catechism”

Anthony Bradley has posted THIS article of a cathechism from 1787

Q. 37 When negroes become religious, how must they behave to their masters?

A. The scriptures in many places command them, to be honest,
diligent and faithful on all things, and not to give saucy answers; and
even when they are whipped for doing well, to take it patiently, and
look to God for their reward.

Q. 39 Which do you think the happiest person, the master or the slave?

A. When I rise on a cold morning to make a fire, and my master in
bed; and I labour in the sun, on a hot day, and my master in the shade;
then I think him happier than I am.

Q. 40 Do you think you are happier than he?

A. Yes: When I come in from my work; eat my hearty supper, worship
my maker; lie down without care on my mind; sleep sound; get up in the
morning strong and fresh; and hear that my master could not sleep, for
thinking on his debts and taxes; and how he shall provide victual and
clothes for his family, or what he shall do for them when they are
sick–then I bless God that he has placed me in my humble station; I
pity my master, and feel myself happier than he is.

Q. 41 Then it seems everybody is best, just where God has placed them?

A. Yes. The Scriptures say, if I am called, being a slave, I am not
to care for it, for every true Christian, is Christ’free man, whether
he be bond or free in this world.

Q. 4? How can you be free and bound both?

A. If Jesus Christ has broke the chain of sin, and freed me from the
curse of the law, and the slavery of the devil, I am free indeed,
although my body and services may be at the command of another.

Q. 48 Is there the same heaven and hell for white and black?

A. Yes: There will be no difference there, but what more holiness or more sin makes.

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