Why I don’t listen to CCM

The Last Homely Houst has a post on Christian Music that is nearly identical to my problem with CCM (and those that listen to it).

You can check it out HERE

Slap the label “Christian” in front of any noun (cruise, movie,
coffeehouse, etc.) and you have likely lost my interest. I am not
searching for Christian music or non-Christian music. Rather, I am
looking for good music. I am sure that there is good music in the
Christian music industry but I am somewhat cynical about its existence.
Give me a song that gives me an honest glimpse (lyrically or otherwise)
into creation, fall, and/or redemption, and I will like it. It seems
like when I do hear CCM that the song is usually centered on the
worshipper’s experience (“I will” songs) rather than the object of

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