Chris Rosebrough Comment on Infant Baptism

Chris Rosebrough over at Extremetheology left a comment on the topic of Infant Baptism. Here is what he left.

Any thoughts?

In the course of my Christian journey I have repented of my
credobaptist beliefs and have come to belief that scripture supports

However, it should be noted that the branch of evangelicalism that I
grew up in taught that Baptism was something “I” did to show the world
I had made a commitment to Christ. (This is a patently Pelagian way of
viewing Baptism and salvation)

When I was first confronted with the practice of infant baptism, I
wrote it off as ‘false tradition’. When debating the topic I was all to
happy to point out the fact that there are no infant baptisms in the
NT. But as I studied scripture more carefully I realized that this
argument was as strong as the Jehovah’s Witness’ argument that the
Trinity is a false teaching because the word ‘trinity’ doesn’t appear
in the Bible.

What convinced me to turn?

It began with a study of baptism that FIRST answered the question,
What does the SCRIPTURE say that baptism accomplishes? This is primary!
The question “Who is baptism for” is secondary.

When one looks at the passages with the primary question in mind,
one finds that scripture says that in baptism, our sins are forgiven
(Acts 2:38), our sins are washed away (Acts 22:16), that we are
baptized into Christ’s death and we are buried with Christ (Rom 6:3-4),
we are clothed with Christ (Gal 3:27), and we are raised with Christ
and our hearts are circumcised by Christ (Col 2:11-12).

These verses rocked my world. I had NEVER been taught that baptism
did any such things. The Biblical emphasis of baptism is on What Christ
is Doing not what “I” was doing. Furthermore, it requires faith to
believe that these passages are true and apply to me.

This look at Baptism is what set me on the road to understanding and believing infant baptism.

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