Bart Campolo = God

Justin Taylor has posted a link of an article by Tony Campolo’s son Bart. The article is entitled “The Limits of God’s Grace”

You can check this horrible piece of theology HERE

I don’t hate God because I don’t believe God is fully in control
of this world yet. Heck, God is not fully in control of me
yet, even when I want God to be—so how could I possibly
believe that God is making all the bad stuff happen out
there in the streets? I don’t hate God because I believe
God is always doing the best God can within the limits of
human freedom, which even God cannot escape.

On that last point, consider for a moment the essential
relationship between human freedom and love, and then
consider the essential identity between love and God. If
God is love and made us for love in God’s image, then
God had no choice but to make us free, to leave us free,
and to win us over to his Kingdom as free agents (which,
evidently, is a long and difficult task). So God did, I believe,
and so God will.

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