Spurgeon on Arminianism

“What the Arminian wants to do is to arouse man’s
activity: what we want to do is to kill it once for all—to show him
that he is lost and ruined, and that his activities are not now at all
equal to the work of conversion; that he must look upward. They seek to
make the man stand up: we seek to bring him down, and make him feel
that there he lies in the hand of God, and that his business is to
submit himself to God, and cry aloud, ‘Lord, save, or we perish.’ We
hold that man is never so near grace as when he begins to feel he can
do nothing at all. When he says, ‘I can pray, I can believe, I can do
this, and I can do the other,’ marks of self-sufficiency and arrogance
are on his brow.”

– C. H. Spurgeon


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