Why men hate going to church

Anthony Bradley has post his thoughts on the book by David Murrow (Why men hate going to church). Seems to be right along the lines of things I have been noticing in modern church life. I am not sure when the shift occured, but I am thinking (and praying) the shift back will happen soon.

One trend I hope ends soon is the “Jesus is my girlfriend” choruses that are dominant in churches today. Which I have to say if you translate it into real life, I am not sure how much Alaina wants to hear how much I love her when I cheat on her everyday (and she knows it).  Contrast this trend with the new Valley of Vision cd, or the new Red Mountain Church coming out and it is night and day.

Grace for such a worm as I…

2 Responses to “Why men hate going to church”

  1. Brian T. Murphy Says:

    Thanks for mentioning us. I like a lot of what anthony bradley says and I’m new to the “church is girly” discussion, but it’s nice to know our music is meaningful.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Thanks Brian for stopping by and commenting!!! Love the new CD!!

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