Baptism is optional..updated

I want to appologize to Henderson Hills baptist for this post…I read the article without going to their website to see what they had to say.
Thanks Brad for sending the link to the church website.
Eventhough I do not agree with their stance, it is in no way as bad as the paper lead us to believe..

Seems alcohol isn’t the only thing a baptist church is giving up…
Read the article HERE about Henderson Hills Baptist Church

Church pastor Dennis Newkirk says he and
other members of Henderson Hills’ elder council believe that the Bible
does not mandate that baptism be a requirement of membership and that
it has become more of an initiation rite than anything else.

2 Responses to “Baptism is optional..updated”

  1. Brad Lovelace Says:

    The actual position of Henderson Hills church is different than is actually stated from the news report above. You can read the actual position at

    Once you read it, I am sure that you will see there was alot of study and prayer put into making this church into a Biblical group of believers and not just use baptism as a matter of “tradition”.

    Henderson Hills baptized over 40 people within the last 3 weeks … it is important to know that the church takes it very seriously, but wants to see it as a celebration of a new believer, instead of a “have to because we said so” ordinance.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    Thanks Brad for presenting Henderson Hills point of view on the issue.

    For those interested the direct link can be found at

    Although I do not agree witht the position, it does not appear to be as heretical as the newspaper article appears to suggest.

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