Treatise on the Lord’s Supper by John Calvin

We are then already in the gulf, if God does not in mercy draw us out
of it. Moreover, what hope of resurrection can we have while
considering our flesh, which is only rottenness and corruption? Thus in
regard to the soul, as well as the body, we are more than miserable if
we remain within ourselves, and this misery cannot but produce great
sadness and anguish of soul. Now our heavenly Father, to succour us in
this, gives us the Supper as a mirror, in which we may contemplate our
Lord Jesus Christ, crucified to take away our faults and offences, and
raised again to deliver us from corruption and death, restoring us to a
celestial immortality.

Here, then, is the singular consolation which we derive from the
Supper. It directs and leads us to the cross of Jesus Christ and to his
resurrection, to certify us that whatever iniquity there may be in us,
the Lord nevertheless recognises and accepts us as righteous—whatever
materials of death may be in us, he nevertheless gives us life—
whatever misery. may be in us, he nevertheless fills us with all
felicity. Or to explain the matter more simply—as in ourselves we are
devoid of all good, and have not one particle of what might help to
procure salvation, the Supper is an attestation that, having been made
partakers of the death and passion of Jesus Christ, we have every thing
that is useful and salutary to us.

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