Please Research!!

Ok I am going to say upfront that this is a rant. If you are not in the mood to hear me rant then go  Here to read a great post over at Resurgence on Testing the Spirits.

Ok onto my rant….

Today is Tuesday and I have already received around 5 emails that ended up being a hoax. From an Amber Alert, to the FCC trying to take Touched by an Angel off (thank you God that show is over with!), to off course the infamous if you dont foward this email to 500 people then you hate Jesus and your soul is eternally damned.

I really wish people would take the time to see if maybe the email they got with a coast guard being attacked by a shark, just might be photoshoped. Now I know that this comes as a shock, but not everything on the net is true.

Just in case google is down, here are some sites I go to whenever i see “FWD:” in my Inbox


Truth or Fiction

Urban Legend

4 Responses to “Please Research!!”

  1. The Resurgence Says:

    Just a quick clarification. What you’re seeing up on are not strictly “posts by Mark Driscoll.” The blog is Mark’s but the theological articles are by a number of different authors, from several sources. This content will continue to assembled and updated regularly by the Resurgence staff.

  2. jvmoore1 Says:

    thanks for the clarification…I try to look and see who writes each post….This will be changed.

  3. Chreeha Says:

    Am I supposed to believe THIS post?

  4. Jeremy Says:

    What does Snopes say?

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