Gaither and Friends

I know that alot of my friends like Bill Gaither and the tons of videos he puts out (same content just different packaging in my opinion), but this news floored me today. Slice of Laodicea had an article with Bill gaither openly supporting a lesbian artist. The biggest shocker (to me at least) is that fact that this artist wrote a song that I have heart thousands of time "For those tears I died". You can read the article HERE.

Here is the letter that Marsha sent Bill Gaither after the concert that night…

I am
absolutely committed to preaching Jesus Christ and Him crucified,
that this is the power of God to salvation. We have testimonies, an
altar call and prayer time at every concert. When I share with them
what you said from stage on New Year's Eve (and if you have a tape
of that night I would give my high A-flat for a copy!), the reactions
are profound. Dozens of people have said things like, "Wow, I
had put away all my favorite gospel music so long ago, because every
time I played it I knew they would all consign me to hell. Now I can
listen to my Gaither songs again because he thinks I have a place
at the foot of the cross, " or "I can't believe I can walk
into a Bible bookstore now and purchase a CD by someone who actually
wants me to have one," or "I went right out and bought all
the Homecoming videos that I wouldn't let myself buy before, now that
I know they don't hate me." Those are real words from hungry
hearts. In the 100 or so concerts I have done so far this year, I
have not once heard anyone say, "Gosh, I'm so glad to hear that
Bill Gaither says it's okay that I am gay." They do not want
your approval of their sexuality, they want Jesus. The same Jesus
that you offer to so many tens of thousands. The same Jesus that you
offered so long ago to me.
I know that being in ministry in this fallen world is not an easy
thing. The admonition to be "wise as serpents but gentle as doves"
falls heavily on that first half, especially for people like you who
carry enormous responsibility in the Body of Christ. ANYthing that
causes reputations to distract from the Message can give the enemy
a foothold. But I also know that we serve a Savior who brazenly let
everyone see a woman they all knew as sinful, wash His feet with her
tears and dry them with her hair. Truly walking in the Light is a
narrow path indeed and it seems to me that you do it with great grace.

I like
Mark Lowry's take on the old saying. He says, "What if we said
'Love the sinner, hate MY OWN sin?' Wouldn't that be a good thought?"
We all spend such an inordinate amount of time mote-plucking. Figuring
out EXACTLY which sin to hate, who's doing it and precisely how we "should"
react to it. Wouldn't it be great if we spent that much time and energy
looking into our own hearts and bringing our own failures and wounds
to the throne for healing?

Obviously, I disagree with those who believe homosexuality is a sin.
But it's such a small point of doctrine to divide us all so horrendously.
Like all Christians, I am often called to give a reason, an answer for
the hope that is within me. I am sure that you know the very small handful
of Scriptures that you and I would disagree on. But try reading Acts
10. When God came to Peter on the rooftop with a vision to eat unclean
food, Peter had Scripture to stand on when he said No. (Actually, he
said, "No, Lord." Now there's an oxymoron for you!) He also
had Scripture to stand on to decline the spirit of God's vision for
him, which was to preach to the Gentiles. He wasn't supposed to eat
those foods, he wasn't supposed to go into the home of a Gentile. The
Bible said so. But God did not debate the Scriptures with Peter. God
didn't say, "Let me get you a better translation of that Hebrew
word..let me get you a more ancient manuscript." God said, "What
I have called clean, you may not call unclean." And still, the
apostles who went to preach to the Gentiles at Cornelius' house had
no intention of really letting these people into the church. It wasn't
until the Holy Spirit fell on the group and they began to have the gifts
of the Spirit, that the apostles finally said, "I guess we have
to baptize them and let them in."

where I aspire to be. Letting the Holy Spirit fall on me, use me, work
through me. Hopefully letting my light so shine that others will see
it and glorify God who is at work in me.

Thank you for your work on this website. I hope it brings all of us
closer to one another and more at one in Christ.

Yours in Christ's Service…still!
Marsha Stevens

One line to think about while you read this article…

Obviously, I disagree with those who believe homosexuality is a sin.
But it's such a small point of doctrine to divide us all so horrendously.

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7 Responses to “Gaither and Friends”

  1. Mark Says:

    I don’t know how long ago this blog was published, but I am wondering what your point is? Bill did not endorse homosexuality. He only acknowledged that Marsha wrote an amazing song. Am I wrong?

  2. jvmoore1 Says:

    mark, when someone says
    “Gosh, I’m so glad to hear that
    Bill Gaither says it’s okay that I am gay.”
    and when Bill Gaither says he is proud of the ministry a homosexual is doing ,BALM (Born Again Lesbian Music), it doesn’t really take too much to connect the dots. Please re-read the link up at the top, he is saying more than she wrote a great song, he is openly endorsing a person who has no repentance for her sins.

  3. Abe Reddekopp Says:

    Another sad example of what happens when music and popularity become God. Gaither music has long lacked sound doctrinal content. It’s 90% emotion. Where are your heads (and hearts) Bill, gloria and Mark, to endorse homosexuality in the name of Christianity? God have mercy!

  4. Mark Says:

    You know? Lets just love both Bill and Marsha. If you think something in either of their lives in sin? Just love them. IF YOU can point out their sin with LOVE and compassion, and do so in a non-public brother to brother, brother to sister venue, cool. Do so if God tells you to do so. But still love them. Love them. Love them. You don’t have to condone something you feel is wrong. Just love them. Love them until the grave.

  5. Timothy Says:

    Gosh, I can not believe the narrow-mindedness and the judgemental attitude of so many Christians. Marsha makes so many valid points… but the truth is so many refuse to hear those points because they have it stuck in their heads that their interpretation of scripture is correct. Bill and Gloria Gaither and Mark Lowry are doing what Jesus would of done. There is absolutely no record of Jesus ever saying anything about homosexuality when he walked the face of this earth. Most New Testament scriptures refer to temple prostitution when speaking of homosexuality. Read “Gay Christianity 101” if you’re truely interested about what the Bible has to say about homosexuality. If you’re not willing to study it out – then you have no business judging it!!!
    Kudos to Bill, Gloria and Mark!!! God Bless them and Marsha!
    And yes, the bottom line is “Love”!

  6. Tonia Says:

    I am floored, I can’t believe and don’t want to believe any of what I am reading. Please tell me that the Gaithers and Mark do NOT promote or approve of homosexuality. The Bible clearly states that it is sin. Yes, I love the person, but I hate the sin. And to promote it or continue to live in it without allowing God to change you is wrong. No one is perfect, that we all know and can agree on; but to say that homosexuality is okay, goes against God’s Word.

  7. Rev Dr. James L. Verner Says:

    As a teenager I preached to the homeless at soup kitchens on Chelsea Embankment, London, UK…and many other places. My message to all who would hear was, and still is, the Good News about Jesus. I spent many years working among people whose life-style and sexual orientation I do not endorse, but that was my only means of letting them hear the Good News of salvation through the blood of Jesus.

    Some believed my message and some didn’t. Those who believed were eager to allow Jesus by His Spirit to change them into His likeness. Indeed, even though we will never be perfect while on earth, we can, with His help, grow more like Him through reading His word, allowing Him to show us sin and to claim victory over it. While we are positionally perfect in Jesus now, we will bear the scars of adam’s fall till we reach Heaven.

    While it is right to speak against sin, it must be done with tears and personal brokenness, remembering that “but by the Grace of God there go I.” Jim

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