Please Pray

Well I write this post with a very heavy heart. I want to be as honest as I can so please bear with me and my thoughts.

Tonight was a very bad night. As much as I want to hope for the best, the reality says otherwise.

I got a call tonight saying something was wrong with mom and they were doing an MRI on her (this was at 5:30). Lane and I rushed down there and found out that mom was unable to talk very well and could not use her legs very well either.The doctor thinks it is either the blood transfusion reaction, a stroke, or somehow the cancer has entered her brain.

We will find out tomm what the neurologist sees in the MRI, but tonight that doesn’s help. Tonight I feel like an ass cause today i decided that home would be better than going to the hospital. I justified it by puffing myself up cause we had been down there everynight, I mean I deserve a break. And Alaina I mean…she has given up so much for this, the least I could do is give her a night to relax. So of course now I am kicking myself to actually think I had it worse than mom and dad.
Please keep my mom and dad in your prayers..especially tomm and the rest of the week.

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