The Opera in me

If you look down at the bottom of my page you will see I have added a banner for Opera. This browser is really starting to grow on me. Yes, I love Firefox and still use it, but if they don’t watch it I think Opera may give firefox a run for its money.

First off let me say that now you have no reason to use Internet Explorer! Two great browsers that are constantly being updated and improved..what more could you ask for? (well, except maybe a pina colada…)

Anyway, Opera has tabbed browsing just like firefox, email client (just like mozilla), mouse gesture (which are pretty cool once you get the hang of it), but something that really put me over was the bilt in RSS feeder.

I put my blog into the Opera browser and it saw that the site had rss code (every blogger page has this feature), and asked if I wanted to add it to my feed.

So now you can have an all in one (browser,email,and rss feeder) with who knows what else they may add in the future.

Don’t worry about IE getting deleted when you install Opera or Firefox (yeah Bill wont go away THAT easy). So if you try Opera or Firefox out and do not like it (I have no idea why), you can uninstall it and go back to your spyware filled browser. 🙂

you can click the links at the bottom of teh page to download the browsers or go HERE for Opera or HERE for Firefox

2 Responses to “The Opera in me”

  1. Chreeha Says:

    I thought you said, “The OPRAH in me.” I was going to have to hurt you.

  2. Jeremy Moore Says:

    no…just thought i would throw a little U2 reference

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