For Only $19.95!!

Wow!! Look at what you can learn in such a short time…

In God Songs you’ll discover:

* How worship songs are born
* How to develop a song after inspiration comes
* 30 proven principles that make a song memorable
* 16 shared qualities of great worship songs
* 12 keys to unlock writer’s block

You’ll also learn how to:

* Gain the listener’s attention quickly
* Recognize tones, chords, and rhythms that help us feel the message
* Find fresh ways of expressing worship
* Choose just the right words
* Make your song its best before releasing it
* Get your songs heard and used
* Minister most effectively with your music

This is for all those that think that modern worship music is not marketing driven…

Very Very Sad…

In the words of Piper “Brothers, We are not Professionals!!”

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