For the readers in the group…

Yesterday I mentioned the great website of Theopedia for anyone wanting definitions of for anything dealing with theology and Christianity in general.

But, today I wanted to mention a great website that goes more in depth with issues and trends. Monergism is almost a central hub for any of the reformed issues. The lay out is very easy to navigate and there are tons of articles for every subject.

There are a couple of “dead” links, but overall the URL’s are active (dead meaning the article being linked doesnt exist or has been deleted).

Monergism also has a great bookstore for those looking for solid doctrinal books and music. I have went into every Christian bookstore in Mobile, and can never find any of the books I am looking for. In fact I had to go to Barnes and Noble just to find Wayne Grudem’s “Systematic Theology”. MonergismBooks also carries music and dvd’s….They have the entire Indeliable grace series ( Indeliable Grace, Pilgrim Days, and For all the Saints), which takes older hymns and puts them to modern music.

So check Monergism and MonergismBooks out and be prepared to spend hours going through different subjects and issues.

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