lil appetizer

Steve Camp had this quote by R.C Sproul on his blog and I have to say it fit me to a T (whatever that means)..

“Hyper-Calvinism is how most Arminians define Calvinism.”-R.C Sproul

Amazingly Sproul is right, because that is how I looked at Calvinism when I first heard about it.
“If God chooses who is saved, why witness?”

I think this is the knee-jerk thought when first presented with Calvinism.
But, if you really take time to study the issue you see that election is used far more than “free” will.
Because honestly how free is our will anyway?

Calviism does NOT excuse the redeem from evangelism, it takes a lot of pressure off since God does the work and not us (which ultimately means he gets the glory and not us).

Spurgeon said that he wished God would but a mark on teh backs of the elect so we would know who was chosen. But, he didnt so we must witness to them all as if they were….

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