I am a happy man!!!!

John Macarthur has now joined the podcast community!!!

Grace to You Podcast

all you have to do is dl itunes go to “advance”—>”subscribe to podcast” and enter the url above….

checked today and there are 5 episodes up.

speaking of J-Mac he posted a blog over at Phil Johnson’s blog site

here is the link

John MacArthur Blog

here is a small section of it…

No communicator wants to mangle the message. But for Christian communicators the need to get the message right is elevated to the height of a sacred duty. Perhaps we can smile and pardon an affliction like William Spooner’s, but we certainly cannot tolerate any distortion of divine truth that results from traits such as sloppy thinking, laziness, carelessness, apathy, or indifference. More sinister yet is the tendency to sidestep elements of truth or water down the message because of a desire to please people, a love of worldly praise, or a lack of holy courage.

If anything, the obligation to communicate the truth of the gospel clearly and accurately weighs more heavily on our generation than on those who have gone before us, because our opportunities are so much greater. Luke 12:48 says, “From everyone who has been given much shall much be required.”

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