What I am Reading


* “Fool’s Gold”( John Macarthur)- This is the second time i have read this book and it is just as good as the first one. Macarthur and the staff at Grace Community Church deal with some of the modern trends within the church ( Purpose driven Life, Wild at Heart, Praise Choruses, Alter Calls, New Perspective on Paul, and others). This is a very good critique of teh latest “flavors of the month” (well minus the Prayer of Jabezz..ugg)
* “Grace Unknown” ( R.C Sproul)- i am jumping between chapters with this book. Having already read this book, i am reading parts that i am still trying to grasp (covenant theology being one…read my blog). This book is a very good history and explanantion of reformed theology. For anyone with questions about the 5 pillars of reformed thinking ( or T.U.L.I.P) this is a very good book.
* “The Passion of Jesus Christ” (John Piper)- Borrowed this one from the Library, since it is such a small book (128 pages) hasnt taken to long to read. The book is Piper using scripture to explain one of the biggest question for a Christian..”Why?” Why was Jesus Christ crucified? Why did he suffer so much? What has this to do with me? “Who sent him to his death?”. It is Piper so you know it is great!
* “The Cross Centered Life” (C.J Mahanney)- Not reading it, but it is on my list. Downloaded one of his messages and he blew me away! The man is as funny as Steve Martin and theologically sound like John Macarthur. He is the founder of Soverign Grace Ministry. If his book is half as powerful as his sermon my collection will expand!

These are the blogs that i read everyday by great men of the faith. A blog is basically a journal. So it is great to have pastors writings on the events of the day or just what they are studying.

* Phil Johnson (RSS) – Phil is on staff at Grace Community and help in writing some of the chapters of “Fool’s Gold”. Funny guy and great insight. Awesome thinker (even if he is a cub fan)
* Albert Mohler (RSS) – Mr Mohler is president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kentucky. Great man of God and theologically sound.
* Steve Camp (RSS) – Most will know Steve Camp for his music, but I am now starting to see him as a great communicator as well. After his controversial “107 thesis” on the state of Contemporary Christian Music, he has become a beacon of truth within post modernism
* Reformation 21 (RSS) -This is the blog site for the “Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals”. With notable pastors such as John Macarthur, R.C Sproul, John Piper, C.J Mahaney, Mark Dever, J Ligon Duncan, and Albert Mohler.

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