Golden Corral Worship

I was looking at a very popular church that has been making headlines and came across something that struck me as odd…

Not everyone has the same taste in worship style. That’s why we’ve put together different worship venues on the campus each weekend. At these venues, you’ll get the same teaching as everyone else through a live video feed from the main service, but with a smaller, more intimate style. Plus, each of the venues have live bands with a little different music style than the Worship Center.

and here are the diff styles…

Praise- If you love gospel music and would love to sing more as part of your worship experience– come to PRAISE!

Overdrive- Overdrive is worship with guitars, drums and lights in a concert-like setting.

Ohana- Our island-style venue, complete with hula and island-style music. Get away to the islands for a time of worship with the same message!

Elevation- “E1-current Venue Tent 2 (ASL Interpreted): Edgy Christian radio hits and cool lighting effects! E1-basic Plaza Room: Progressive praise & worship with an introspective delivery. Designed for young single adults.”

Passion- Passionately encounter God through a more intimate atmosphere in Venue Tent 2. The whole service has a younger feel… and we have plenty of parking!

so we have 6 diff types of worship service (there are actually a couple more a regualr service and a spanish service)fo no matter what music style you are into.

but reading this and teh website in general just seems like nothing more than a commercial for this church. do you have a need for hawaiian music? we can fill that need. do you hate sitting next to an old lady who like southern gospel? dont worry we can put you in a smoke filled room with lights and loud music. you now have spiritual segregation.

i was talking to a music minister one night and he told me his church was considering going to 2 services, a contemporary and traditional (which i got a letter in teh mail saying that they have started this as a full time thing). when i heard this my first thought was what will be next? seems churches have changed from giving people what they need to what they want.

i love music. i love rock, mellow, folk, and everything in between. but, my musical preference is not a mandate or should be a concern of my worship. for church is not about what felt needs get met, but what sin in my life needs forgivness. reading this i am reminded of what Spurgeon said one time..

“If you have to give a carnival to get people to come to church, then you will have to keep giving carnivals to keep them coming back.”

and today alot of modern churches are nothing more than a carnival. each church has to step it up, because games are old school. drama is last season. even teaching has went through a transformation. because, preaching on sin is old, reading the scripture is out and applicational stories is in.

we as teh body of Christ are not called to sugar teh message. we are not called to do whatever it takes to get people into churches. we are called to PREACH THE WORD. period. nothing more. nothing less.

I believe having an arminian (and Charles Finney) view of lost souls contributes to this. Since the ends justifies teh means, anything goes. We can promise people a chance to win a new car if they come to church, and are justified for evangelising no matter what it takes.
we must realize that Christ has called those whom he will redeem. he doesnt need me and my marketing savy ideas. so all i need to do is PREACH THE WORD.
quit taking Robert Schuller’s approach and change your church based on what those around you want.

I am now going to go put my hawaiian shirt and go to bed….

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