watch the live8 concert yesterday on mtv, and the more i watched it the sadder i got. when i first heard of the One campaign i was really excited about it, the end of poverty! who wouldnt be excited about it??!?!?! then i read how they were going to end pocerty. here are my concerns for this solution

1. debt relief will not stop poverty. this is like saying “a casino erasing a gamblers tab will make him stop gambling”. this makes no sense whatsoever.

2.there is no guarantee that any money sent over there will get to those that need it. i am no specialist in this area, but seems that gov spending wisely should me more of a concern that sending money over there (i.e fix the hole in the cup before you pour mmore water in it)

3. africa is not the only place with poverty. lets pretend this works and africa’s poverty is neded..there are a ton of other places that have poverty….this seems like a false hope to give youth that attending ac ocnert or wearing a white band will “end poverty”.poverty will always be here

now with that said. i am all for helping the poor. i believe as Christians we should. but, the One campaign is not teh way to go. Live aid is still having problem with the money they received back in the 80’s.

we should try and help the “fatherless and the widow”, but it seems the saying
“Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime” should be the way Live 8 should handle the situation

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